Some photos related to District & Sessions Judge Court Complex, Kamrup, Guwahati


D&SJ Court Office (Office Entrance)

New Building (Front View)

New Building (Entrance)


Special Judge Court Building




D&SJ Court Office (Dighali Phukhuri side)



Civil Court (Jr Divn) Court Building, D&SJ Court Complex, Kamrup, Ghy


Bar Association, D&SJ Court, Kamrup



Lawyer's  Association, D&SJ Court 



Govt. Pleader office, Kamrup, Ghy 




Tarani Sangha, D&SJ Court, Kamrup





Record Room, D&SJ Court, Kamrup






Sheristadar at work,D&SJ Office




Copy Section, D&SJ Office



Court Staffs at work in the System Room (New Building, 1st Floor)



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